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Model: DIY010 V3.0 (direct fire or solid drum type)

Capacity: 300g~1500g

Heat source: LPG (R.500 or 5KPa)
Net weight: 70kg
Specification: length 73 cm, height 100 cm, width 60 cm

Power supply: AC110V/2A

Exhaust diameter: 3 inches*1 & 4 inches*1

Price: NTD 205,000 (tax excluded)


The use of side burner and variable frequency ventilation system can effectively control the balance between heat output and exhaust pressure.

The drum type can be choosed between direct fire or solid drum type.

The side burner's heat output enters the roasting chamber by the negative pressure airflow formed by the variable frequency ventilation, which can effectively and stably control the hot air entering the roasting chamber. Using PID to

manipulate the exhaust air pressure, it can also provide stable exhaust pressure when the air density changes caused by temperature rises and falls.

According to the difference of the batch size and the roasting profile, the drum rotation speed can be controlled at any time.


USB output for connecting to Artisan scope software is available.

DIY_010 Coffee Roaster

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